UFABC, Santo André (São Paulo), Brazil

6-11 Aug 2023


The "IV VISCACHA meeting" is the fourth annual international scientific meeting of the VISCACHA collaboration, where new scientific results are presented, new ideas are discussed, and projects are developed, in addition to welcoming new members . It is a meeting open to the academic public with the aim of increasing collaboration, particularly in the state of São Paulo, where this edition will take place.

The VISCACHA survey is an ongoing scientific project aimed at studying star clusters in the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds (LMC and SMC), two dwarf satellite galaxies of the Milky Way, where we live. Among the many open questions that VISCACHA contributes to answer are: "How did the interactions between the LMC and SMC happen?", "Why are the populations of star clusters different in the Milky Way and in the Magellanic Clouds?", "How to explain the chemical evolution of LMC and SMC?", "Why does LMC only have clusters older than 10Gyr and younger than 4Gyr?".

The images of the clusters are collected using the adaptive optics module (SAMI) of the SOAR telescope (Southern Astrophysical Research Telescope), located in Chile, owned by a consortium, whose majority partner is Brazil with 30% of rights. SOAR even has some instruments developed with the support of FAPESP. VISCACHA is the project with the longest accumulated SOAR time (>300 hours) and we have already observed more than 200 star clusters on the outskirts of the LMC and SMC. Thus, there is a great responsibility to make good use of the data already collected, which the VISCACHA team has been doing in an organized way, with regular virtual meetings, supervision of master's and doctoral theses, publication of scientific articles. The IV VISCACHA meeting is essential to boost the production of high impact scientific results in the areas of chemical evolution and dynamics of galaxies, evolution of stellar clusters, stellar evolution.

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