Precision Spectroscopy 2019: Rotation, Magnetic Activity and Lithium

5-6 September 2019, São Paulo, Brazil

The fifth workshop Precision Spectroscopy will focus on stellar rotation, magnetic activity and lithium abundances. These observables were shown to decay with age in a seminal paper by Skumanich (1971, ApJ, 171, 565). We will discuss both theoretical and observational aspects, with talks on modeling solar and stellar dynamos (Gustavo Guerrero), gyrochronology (Sydney Barnes), rotation and activity (José Dias do Nascimento), stellar activity cycles (Diego Lorenzo-Oliveira, Andrea Buccino), habitability around active stars (Gustavo Porto de Mello), the impact of stellar activity on planet detection (Raphaëlle Haywood), and lithium depletion in open clusters and field solar twins (Marília Carlos).

As in previous workshops organized by the group SAMPA, we will have a small number of participants (about 40), providing an environment that fosters stimulating interactions among attendees. The workshop will be held at the Mackenzie University in São Paulo, Brazil. The application deadline is July 3, 2019 (Wednesday). The outcome will be released 1 or 2 weeks later. Successful applicants will be required to pay a small registration fee (40 euros for participants from abroad, and 40 reais for local participants). Albeit financial aid is not available, in the application form participants may apply for an exemption of the registration fee.

Contact: precisionspectroscopy @
Twitter: @PrecisionSpec