November 22-27, 2015 - Campos do Jordão/SP - Brazil


        Registration is now closed.

        In order to complete your registration, a check of R$ 1000,00 must be mailed to the address below, on behalf of IAG/USP. This is a deposit to guarantee the hotel reservation. The check will be returned to the owner at the end of the event. It will be deposited in case of no-show without previous cancellation or for those who stay at the hotel for a period shorter than specified in the Registration Form. Cancellations should be informed until October 25th. If you are not going to stay at the hotel of the School, you do not need to send the check.

        There is a registration fee of R$ 100,00 for students (undergraduate students, graduate students, and master's degree) and of R$ 200,00 for doctors, which must be paid at the beginning of the School.

        The daily room rates of the School hotel are R$ 333,00 (single) and R$ 215,00 (double - per person), including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Local Organizing Committee is asking for financial support with some agencies. This support will be used for payment of the hotel (for all participants) and for transportation between São Paulo (including the International Airport in Guarulhos) and Campos do Jordão. However, these supports are not yet assured. We will give more details in the following weeks. Note that the funding agencies of the event do not pay for single rooms at the hotel. Therefore, even if we get the financial support to pay the daily room rates of the participants, those who choose to stay in single rooms will have to pay the difference between the single and double daily room rates at the end of the event.

        Mail address:
        Departamento de Astronomia do IAG-USP
        Rua do Matão, 1226
        05508-900 São Paulo

    Background galaxy image credit: Gemini Observatory/Aura