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Thrusday 3rd November 2005

Session 1: The CoRoT Mission
09:00-10:30 Opening Speech (10 min)
E. Janot-Pacheco
The Brazilian Space Program (30 min)
Himilcon Carvalho
The CoRoT mission: Preparation of the observing programme (20 min)
A. Baglin
The CoRoT mission: progress report (30 min)
T. Lam-Trong
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-12:30 Calibrations of the Instrument and corrections of the scientific data (30 min)
R. Samadi
CoRoT processing unit: software and protocol validation (20 min)
V. Parro
A strategy for fitting photometry on defocused stellar images (20 min)
L. P. da Silva
Optimized photometric aperture for the seismology channel (20 min)
Fabio Fialho
12:30-14:30 Lunch
14:30-16:00 Correction and calibration of the sky background (20 min)
Eduardo Costa
The mission profile and communications with the satellite (30 min)
L. Boisnard
The Alcantara ground station (20 min)
M. A. Chamon
COROT and MIRAX joint science perspective (20 min)
J. Braga
16:00-16:30 Coffee/Poster break
Session 2: The CoRoT Mission as a Tool for Astrophysics
16:30-18:00 Additional Programmes: The CoRoT Announcement of Opportunity 1 (30 min)
G. Vauclair
The polarization signature of extrasolar planets transiting cool dwarfs (15 min)
A. M. Magalhaes
Magnetospheric Accretion in Young Low Mass Stars (15 min)
V. Jatenco-Pereira
Finding Intermediate Polars with CoRoT (15 min)
M. Diaz

Friday 4th November 2005

Session 3: AcroCoRoT: Rotation/Activity (1st part)
09:00-10:30 The AcroCoRoT objectives (10 min)
Marie-Jo Goupil
Angular momentum transport and mixing in rotating stars (30 min)
Jean-Paul Zahn
Rotation and oscillations: non perturbative approach (30 min)
Seismic tests of rotationally-induced transport mechanisms in star (20 min)
A. Moya
The Accepted AP "Stellar angular momentum evolution with the Corot mission": observational requirements, feasability, expectations (20 min)
J. Renan de Medeiros & J. Dias do Nascimento
The Accepted AP : "The Sun in Time: the history of the solar angular momentum": observational requirements, feasability, expectations (20 min)
J. Dias do Nascimento & J. Renan de Medeiros
10:30-11:00 Coffee/Poster break
11:00-12:30 Modelling and simulating stellar micro-variability (30 min)
S. Aigrain
An improved light curve simulator for COROT (20 min)
F. Baudin and R. Samadi
The accepted APs: "An unbiased study of rotation and stochastic variability and flaring" and "Convection and short term activity": observational requirements, feasability, expectations (20 min)
S. Aigrain
The accepted AP: "Characterisation of stellar granulation and stellar activity" observational requirements, feasability, expectations (20 min)
R. Samadi and F. Baudin
13:00 Lunch
Free afternoon

Saturday 5th November 2005

Session 3: AcroCoRoT: Rotation/Activity (2nd part)
09:00-10:40 Stellar variability and microvariability II. Spot maps and modelling (20 min)
G. Cutispoto
The accepted AP : Spot detection on solar like stars: observational requirements, feasability, expectations (20 min)
A. V. R. Silva
A bayesian approach to CoRoT light curves analysis (20 min)
F. Jablonski
Session 3: AcroCoRoT: Pre-Main Sequence Stars (3rd part)
The PMS thematic team (15 min)
J. Gregorio-Hetem
Non-symmetrical Protoplanetary Disks (15 min)
A. Hetem Jr.
10:40-11:00 Coffee/Poster break
11:00-12:30 The accepted AP: Dolidze 25 observational requirements, feasability, expectations (30 min)
V. Ripepi
A possible observation of NGC 2264 during a Corot Short run (15 min)
S. Aigrain
A pulsating, eclipsing binary PMS system (15 min)
E. Alecian
Young associations in the Corot fields (15 min)
C. Torres
12:30-14:30 Lunch
Session 3: AcroCoRoT: Rotation and Asteroseismology (4th part)
14:30-16:00 Asteroseismic exercises for CoRoT (20 min)
Marie-Jo Goupil
Asteroseismology and stellar rotation: a non-perturbative numerical approach (15 min)
Marie-Jo Goupil
Seismic determination of stellar rotation axes: Application to CoRoT in the framework of the core programme and of the AP (20 min)
G. Vauclair
Delta Scuti and Gamma Dor stars in CoRoT (20 min)
R. Garrido
Asteroseismology of White dwarf stars with CoRoT (20 min)
G. Vauclair
16:00-16:30 Coffee/Poster break
Session 4: Exoplanets (1st part)
16:30-18:00 The dynamics of extrasolar planetary systems (30 min)
S. Ferraz-Mello
Search for Planetary Candidates within the OGLE Stars (20 min)
Adriana V. R. Silva
Debris disks: How to observe them with CoRoT (15 min)
R. de la Reza
The accepted AP: Search for radio emissions from extrasolar planets using CoRoT observations of stellar variability: observational requirements, feasability, expectations (20 min)
F. Jablonski
20:30 Conference Dinner

Sunday 6th November 2005

Session 4: Exoplanets (2nd part)
09:00-11:00 The accepted AP: Photometric detection of the starlight reflection by a "Pegasi" planet (20 min)
M. Vannier
The Contribution of planetary migration to the metallicity of the star (20 min)
O. C. Winter
Asteroseismology and abundance comparisons between stars with and without planets: a clue for a better understanding of their formation (20 min)
S. Vauclair
Astrobiologically interesting stars in the solar neighborhood (20 min)
G. Porto-Mello
Why being earth-centered while seeking for life in the outer space (20 min)
C. A. Wuensche
11:00-11:30 Coffee/Poster break
12:00-12:30 Final Session: Closing remarks and resume
12:30 Lunch

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