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Saturday 30/10/2004

Morning session: The CoRoT Mission
8:00 Inscriptions
9:30 Opening Ceremony
10:00 The CoRoT mission: scientific objectives and core programme
Annie Baglin
10:40 Coffee-break + POSTER SESSION
11:10 The present status of the CoRoT Mission
Thien Lam-Trong
11:50 The Additional Programs
Annie Baglin
12:20 The CoRoT-Brazil operation
Eduardo Janot-Pacheco
12:50 Lunch
Afternoon session: Ground segment and performances
15:00 The CoRoT mission profile, engineering system and telecommunication
Laurent Boisnard
15:40 The Natal ground station
Jean-Paul Dubut
16:10 The program of scientific Satellites of INPE
João Braga
16:40 Monitoring the CoRoT satellite at Natal
Francisco Mota
17:00 Coffee-break + POSTER SESSION
17:30 The satellite and instrumentation performances
Annie Baglin
18:00 CoRoT instrument characterization based on in-flight collected data
Leonardo Pinheiro da Silva
18:20 Definition and implementation of instrumental corrections in the spatial mission
Fabio Fialho
18:40 The brazilian MIRAX satellite (invited conference)
João Braga

Sunday 31/10/2004

Morning session: Exoplanets
10:30 Exoplanets working groups
Pierre Barge
11:10 Stability of extra-solar planetary systems
Sylvio Ferraz Melo
11:50 Coffee-break + POSTER SESSION
12:20 Exoplanets complementary observations working group
Magali Deleuil
12:50 The Effect of Jupiter's mass growth on satellite's capture
Othon Winter
13:20 Preliminary analysis of the hypothetical ring system in the inner planets: Earth and Mars cases
Silvia Winter
13:50 The gas drag effect in the irregular satellite capture
Ernesto Vieira
14:20 Lunch
Afternoon session: Young stars
16:00 Tendencies of PMS research in Brazil
Jacques Lépine
16:40 Pre-Main Sequence stars & CoRoT
Konstanze Zwintz
17:20 Coffee-break + POSTER SESSION
17:50 The inner disk structure of classical TTauri stars
Silvia Alencar
18:20 Modelling young stellar disks using genetic algorithm
Anníbal Hetem Jr.
18:50 Variability due to accretion episodes in Herbig Ae/Be stars
Jane Gregorio-Hetem

Monday 01/11/2004

Morning session: Young Stars + Stellar Seismology
09:30 Be stars seismology with CoRoT
Anne-Marie Hubert
10:10 Why there are apparently so few debris disks among post-TTauri stars?
Jorge Ramiro de la Reza
10:40 Coffee-break + POSTER SESSION
11:10 White dwarfs seismology with CoRoT
Kepler de Souza Oliveira
11:40 New insights into the close circumstellar environ of the Herbig Ae/Be stars
Magali Deleuil
12:20 What stellar properties can be learnt from planetary transits?
Adriana Silva
12:50 The excess emission in classical T Tauri stars
Jorge Filipe Gameiro
13:20 Lunch
Afternoon free

Tuesday 02/11/2004

Morning session: Rotation & Activity
10:30 How astero-seismology can help to infer properties of stellar rotation and related processes
Marie-Jo Goupil
11:10 Studying accretion instabilities with CoRoT
Reuven Opher
11:50 Photometric characterization of the asteroseismic CoRoT targets
Rafael Garrido
12:20 Non-adiabatic non-radial models for Delta Scuti and Gamma Dor stars
Rafael Garrido
12:50 Coffee-break + POSTER SESSION
13:20 Rotation and chromospheric activity of solar-type stars: The CoRoT breakthrough
Gustavo Porto Mello
13:50 Young open clusters in the vicinity of COROT primary targets: the case of Collinder 96 and Dolidze 25
Vincenzo Ripepi
14:20 Stellar angular momentum evolution in the CoRoT Mission
José Dias do Nascimento Jr.
14:20 Lunch
Afternoon session: Resume and Discussion
15:00 PMS (Jacques Lépine/Konstanze Swintz)
Rotation (Rafael Garrido/Gustavo Porto/Marie-Jo Goupil )
Additional programs (Annie Baglin/Eduardo Janot Pacheco)
Exoplanets (Pierre Barge/Magali Deleuil)
Closing Conclusions (Annie Baglin)

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