Thais Idiart

Phone: +55 11 3091-2802 
Fax: +55 11 3091-2860 
Office: G-201 
Address: IAG/USP
   Department of Astronomy 
   Rua do Matão 1226 
   05508-090 São Paulo, SP 

Curriculum Vitae

B.Sc., Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul  
M.Sc., IAG-Universidade de São Paulo  
Ph.D., IAG-Universidade de São Paulo  
CNPq Post-Doc Fellow, Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur  
FAPESP Post-Doc Fellow, IAG-Universidade de São Paulo  


Member of the Faculty, Astronomy Department IAG-Universidade de São Paulo

Research Interests

Chemical Evolution of Galaxies 
Stellar Populations 
Bulges of Spiral Galaxies 
Eliptical Galaxies 
Magellanic Clouds 
Stellar Atmospheres 


Selected Recent Papers and Preprints

New UBVRI colour distributions in E-type galaxies , T.P. Idiart, R. Michard, J.A. de Freitas Pacheco 2002
I. The data  (A&A, 383, p. 30)           Abstract   Full paper (gzip file)
II. Central and mean metallicities    Abstract   Full paper (gzip file)

Metallicity and radial velocity of the second parameter globular cluster Terzan 1 in the galactic bulge, T.P. Idiart, B. Barbuy, M.-N. Perrin, S. Ortolani, E. Bica, A. Renzini 2002, A&A, 381, p.472   Abstract   Full paper (gzip file)

VLT observations of turnoff stars in the globular cluster NGC 6397, F. Thévenin, Charbonnel, C., de Freitas Pacheco, J.A. , T.P. Idiart, Jasniewicz, G., de Laverny, P., Plez, B. 2000, A&A, 373, p. 905    Abstract    Full paper (gzip file)

Non-LTE Abundances and Consequences for the Evolution of the alpha-Elements in the Galaxy, T.P. Idiart, F. Thévenin 2000, ApJ, 541, p. 207
Abstract    Full paper (gzip file)

Stellar iron abundances: non-LTE effects, F. Thévenin, T.P. Idiart 1999, ApJ, 521, 753 
Abstract    Full paper (gzip file)

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