25/06/2012 (Segunda-feira) – 14h00 – Auditório IAG – IAG/USP

Ivan Minchev

Leibniz Institut fuer Astrophysik Potsdam

Título/Title: Numerical modeling of galactic disks: moving groups, radial migration, and disk outskirts


I will discuss the dynamical evolution of simulated disks, resulting from perturbations by central bars and spiral structure. I will concentrate on three topics: (i) velocity moving groups (the u-v plane) in the solar neighborhood, (ii) the contribution of radial migration to disk thickening, and (iii) the formation of different types of disk outskirts as the result of angular momentum transfer. Possible tests with forthcoming surveys will be discussed.

Download the video:
06-25-2012_Numerical_modeling_of_galactic.avi (39min, 62MB)

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