14/03/2012 – 14h00 – Auditório G – IAG/USP

Ariel Zandivarez


Título/Title: Constructing lightcone mock catalogues from the Millennium Simulation for the future JPAS


Due to the necessity of testing algorithms to identify galaxy systems and different statistical tools to be applied in the future JPAS (Javalambre Physics of the accelerating universe Astrophysical Survey), we construct a lightcone mock catalogue to mimic the galaxy distribution of the future survey. The catalogue is constructed using one of the largest N-body numerical simulations, the Millennium Simulation, plus a galaxy semianalytical model of galaxy formation. We will give a detailled description of all the technical issues needed to build such catalogue in order to reproduce this kind of deep photometric observational survey.

Download the video:
03-14-2012_Constructing_lightcone_mock.avi (45min, 75MB)

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