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Departamento de Astronomia - IAG/USP

Rua do Matão 1226 - Cidade Universitária

05508-090 , São Paulo/SP, Brasil

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I'm an astrophysicist. OK, sometimes it sounds like science-fiction, but it is my job. Why did I choose this profession? What is the goal of astrophysics? Read the poem below, written decades ago, and you will understand.

La noche nos impone su tarea mágica
Destejer el Universo
Las ramificaciones infinitas de efectos y de causas
Que se pierden en ese vértigo sin fondo
El tiempo

Night sets on us its magic task:
To ravel out the world,
The endless branchings of cause and effect,
Which lose themselves in time's unfathomed vertig

Jorge Luis Borges