Support Nucleus of Research in Radio Astronomy

Mission: Encourage the scientific production in astronomy and cosmology performed by means of observations in radio, absorb and develop related technologies, including long-distance interferometry.



1. The radio telescope of Itapetinga, Atibaia-SP, Brazil.

2. Meteorological measurements at the future site of the LLAMA in Santo Antonio de Los Cobres, Argentina.

3. ALMA's radio telescopes project being installed on the plateau of Chajnantor, in the Atacama Desert, Chile.

4. Possible future VLBI network in South America.


Antennas's preliminary design review happened in 24 and 25 of September, 2014.

LLAMA project started after signing the agreement with Argentina. The antenna construction began in July 2014

NARA receives the first data from ALMA

News about LLAMA in Argentine newspapers

Visit of the LLAMA's Board to the future radio telescope at Atacama desert, Argentina.

Atacama desert, Argentina.
September 26, 2012.