Astronomy, an Overview

Em Português

Description of the Course

This is a one-semester course for sophomore Physics students that I have been teaching in the past few years, from the first time through 2000, at the University of São Paulo. The material covers basic Astrophysical concepts, recent findings and some of the main existing questions.

Class Notes

The course is at the level of the books by Karttunen et al. and Carroll & Ostlie. I am making the class notes (in Portuguese) available at the course's site. The site also describes each chapter's contents.

All class notes are available at the site for download. A set of pages for on-line visualization of the notes, together with on-line simulations, is also being built and is already partly available. The on-line pages will continuously be completed and made available with the collaboration of Mrs. Nuricel Villalonga Aguillera, from Colégio Objetivo, São Paulo, to whom we are very thankful.

Comments welcome!

I intend to turn these notes into a book. Any comments you may wish to send me will be very much appreciated.

Antonio Mário Magalhães