Introduction to Deep Learning in Astronomy

SPAnet is promoting, from February 11 to 14, 2019, a short course on Machine Learning and Deep Learning with focus on applications in Astronomy. The course will be given by Dr. Clécio R. De Bom (CEFET/RJ) at IAG-USP from 10am to 12am. The classes will be in two parts: an introduction to a topic followed by practical activities in Python using Google Colab Notebooks. The main targets are graduate students and researchers in Astronomy, but other interested people are welcomed, up to a number to be determined.


Dr. Clécio R. De Bom is a professor at the Centro Federal de Educação Técnológica Celso Suckow da Fonseca (CEFET-RJ).
He has a PhD in Physics by the CBPF (RJ).
His scientific interests include Cosmology, Gravitational Lensing, Extragalactic Astrophysics, Deep Learning, Signal and Image Processing.

Organization: Felipe D. T. Navarete & Laerte Sodré Jr. IAG-USP)

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