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List of Participants
Adriana V.R. Silva The accepted AP "Spot detection on solar like stars": observational requirements, feasability, expectations
Albert Bruch
Alexandre Wuensche Why being earth-centered while seeking for life in the outer space
Andy Moya
Annibal Hetem Non-symmetrical Protoplanetary Disks
Annie Baglin The CoRoT mission: Preparation of the observinf programme
Antonio Mario Magalhães The polarization signature of extrasolar planets transiting cool dwarfs
Beatriz Barbuy
Carlos Alberto Torres Spectroscopic observations in the COROT windows
Daniel Reese
Eder Martioli Photometric observations of the microlensing events OGLE-2005-BLG-259/370
Eduardo Fernandez del Peloso Stellar activity and rotational periods of solar-type stars: the COROT breakthrough
Eduardo Janot Pacheco
Ernesto Vieira Neto Gravitational Capture of planetesimals by Gas-Drag
Fabio de Oliveira Fialho Optimized photometric aperture for the seismology channel
Fabio Pereira Santos Target Selection to the CoRoT Additional Program
Francisco Jablonski Looking for exoplanets transits in bright stars with small field-of-view detector
Frédéric Baudin An improved light curve simulator for COROT
Gérard Vauclair Asteroseismology of White dwarf stars with COROT
Gislaine de Felipe An Angular Moment study of planetesimals at close encounters with the Giant planets
Giuseppe Cutispoto Stellar variability and microvariability. II. Spot maps and modelling
Gustavo Porto de Mello Astrobiologically interesting stars: selection criteria
Himilcon Carvalho The Brazilian Space Program
Jacques Lépine CoRoT observations of Herbig Ae/Be stars
Jane Gregorio Hetem Detailed study of variable PDS stars
Jean-Paul Zahn
João Braga COROT and MIRAX joint science perspective
José Dias do Nascimento The Accepted AP "The Sun in Time: the history of the solar angular momentum": observational requirements, feasability, expectations
José Eduardo Costa Sky background calibration and correction
José Renan The Accepted AP "Stellar angular momentum evolution with the COROT mission": observational requirements, feasability, expectations
Karla de Souza Torres A study of the formation of terrestrial planets
Laurent Boisnard The mission profile and communications with the satellite
Laurent Kerjean
Leonardo Pinheiro da Silva A strategy for fitting photometry on defocused stellar images
Licio da Silva
Luiz T. Sanctos Mendes Rossby number calculations for low-mass, rotating pre-main sequence stars
Marc Duhaze
Marco Antonio Chamon The Alcantara ground station
Marcos Diaz Finding Intermediate Polars with COROT
Marie-Jo Goupil The AcroCoRoT objectives
Michel Auvergne Calibrations of the Instrument and corrections of the scientific data
Othon Cabo Winter The contribution of planetary migration to the metallicity of the stars
Rafael Garrido The accepted AP "Sobre la utilización de los colores de la cámara exo de CoRoT para identificar modos de oscilación"
Ramiro de la Reza A search for planets in debris disks candidates stars with COROT
Reza Samadi A light curve simulator including variability due to activity
Rita de Cássia Domingos Stability of extrasolar planets satellites
Roberto Costa Variability of symbiotic systems studied with COROT
Sandrine Burgaud
Stephane Matthis Effet de rotation et champ magnetique sur le transport du moment angulaire: aspects theoriques
Suzanne Aigrain Modelling stellar activity
Sylvie Vauclair Asteroseismology and abundance comparisons between stars with and without planets: a clue for a better understanding of their formation
Sylvio Ferraz Mello The dynamics of extrasolar planetary systems
Tatiana Michtchenko Terrestrial Planets in the alpha-Centauri Binary System
Thien Lam-Trong The CoRoT mission: progress report
Thierry Chanut Coorbital systems formation in a gaseous disk
Vanderlei Parro About the electronic architecture of CoRoT
Vera Jatenco Pereira Magnetosphere Accretion in Young Low Mass Stars
Vincenzo Ripepi The accepted AP: "Dolidze 25": observational requirements, feasability, expectations
Wagner Corradi Barbosa PMS candidates to the CoRoT Additional Program

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