Extragalactic Group Seminars

Throughout the semesters, graduate studentes, visitors and professors of IAG-USP present recent papers about Extragalactic Astronomy.

List of speaker 2012/2

Date Place Speaker/td> Presentation
09/20 Aud. I Carlos Eduardo The competition between confinement and ram pressure and its implications for galaxies in groups and clusters
04/10 Aud. I Ana Cecília High-Redshift Cool Core Galaxy Clusters Detected via the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect in the South Pole Telescope Survey
10/25 Aud. I Juan Moving mesh cosmology with AREPO
10/29 Aud. I Ana Chies Santos Revealing Galaxy Evolution through Globular Cluster systems
11/29 Aud. I Eduardo Filaments of Dark Matter between Clusters of Galaxies
12/06 Aud. I Rubens Numerical Simulations of the Dark Universe: State of the Art and the Next Decade

List of speakers 2012/1

Date Place Speaker Presentation
03/15 Aud. I Carlos Eduardo Ages and Metallicities of Cluster Galaxies in A779 Using Modified Strömgren Photometry
04/12 Aud. I Nathália The SL2S Galaxy-SCale Gravitational Lens Sample. I: The Alignment of Mass and Light in Massive Early-Type Galaxies at z=0.2 - 0.9
04/19 Aud. I Rogério The Effects of Baryon Physics, Black Holes and Active Galactic Nucleus Feedback on the Mass Distribution in Clusters of Galaxies
04/26 Aud. I Felipe Nascimento Evolution of the Red Sequence Giant to Dwarf Ratio in Galaxy Clusters Out to z ~ 0.5
05/03 Aud. I Rubens Kinematical and Chemical Vertical Structure of the Galactic Thick Disk II. A Lack of Dark Matter in the Solar Neighborhood
05/10 Aud. I Ana Cecília Observational Evidence of AGN Feedback
05/17 Aud. I Gastão Planck Intermediate Results. III. The Relation Between Galaxy Cluster Mass and Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Signal
05/24 Aud. I Cláudia Disentangling the Role of Environmental Processes in Galaxy Clusters
05/31 A-305 Laerte Probing Cluster Dynamics in RXCJ1504.1-0248 Via Radial and Two-Dimensional Gas and Galaxy Properties
06/14 Aud. I Philippe Amram Mass assembly of galaxies
06/21 Aud. I Patrícia Novais Stellar population gradients in brightest cluster galaxies
06/28 Aud. I Vinicius Busti (Mis-)Interpreting supernovae observations in a lumpy universe