PhD project

Currently, I have been working in my PhD project, called Kynematics and Stellar Populations in Nearby Groups, funded by Fapesp. More datails about the project can be found in the PhD project (sorry, Portuguese only).

Master's thesis

During the Master's course, I've done a study about the photometric properties of 170 nearby spiral galaxies observed in the red band of the electromagnetic spectrum. The images were obtained in the 1.2m telescope in the Haute-Provence Observatory (France) for the project GHASP (Gassendi H-Alpha survey of SPirals). You can download a copy of my dissertation here. In the moment, I've been using the same data for a more complete analysis of the photometric properties in the doctorade, and I hope I can publish the results soon.

For the interested reader, there's a divulgation article (in Portuguese) regarding this work published by the USP Agency that can be found here.